Growth Package

$147.00 / month



  • Targeted to Your Niche(Hashtag and influencer targeting)
  • Account Researched by Our Experts to Achieve Max Results
  • Geo Location Targeting (optional)
  • Lead Generation


Exclusive Power LIKES Engagement Groups

Powerlikes is a system where you have huge accounts with over 100M followers combined liking your posts as soon as you post! We will monitor your account 24/7 and whenever you post your account will get 600 REAL likes from our network within 20 minutes after posting. All accounts you’ll receive likes from are vetted to ensure only real active accounts are let in. You can join any group you are qualified for, the more you increase your following and engagement the more you will be discovered having an exponential growth effect for your account.

Exclusive Power COMMENTS Engagement Groups

Power Comments is an engagement group for very high-quality accounts to exchange comments with each other as soon as they post automatically by utilizing our Proprietary Software that constantly monitors your page so that you start getting comments in a few seconds after you post and come in staggered over an hour. Not only does this increase the credibility of your page it also amplifies your page’s growth. As the comments come in the visibility in the Instagram’s Algorithm increases drastically leading to exposure at the top of hashtags and on the discover page. Leading in a large and consistant boost of followers every time you post your content.

Auto Customized DMs

Content Creation

Need help designing sexy, viral content that attracts more followers? Let our team of designers create custom images related to your brand for you to post.

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